Iran Handicrafts - Persian Kilim, Ceramics, Bamboo & Handmade Glass

Ancient & Modern handicrafts, Good Quality meets affordable Prices


Persian Kilims, Ceramics, Handmade Glass, Bamboo, Mina Metal Painting & Khatam Woodcrafts Handicrafts

We are an International Iranian Trade Firm with activities in exporting Persian (Iranian) handicrafts worldwide to the most famous markets like Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia.

Our products are in 6 main categories: Iranian Kilims, Hand made Glasses, Handmade Ceramics (aka Blue Beads), Khatam Woodcrafts, Mina (Paintings on Metal) and Iranian Bamboo handicrafts.

Persian Handmade Glass
Handmade Glass
Persian Carpet
Iranian Kilims
Handmade Ceramics
Mina Metal Paiting
Mina Metal paint
Persian Handmade Bamboo
Iranian Bamboo
Khatam Woodcraft
Khatam Woodcraft

See this Antique Persian Kilim

We are trying to make handicraft and handmade goods' trade easier than before. If you are intereted in any Persian (Iranian) Handicrafts, please do not hesitate to contact us as your consultant or business partner. We will offer you the most affordable prices from first hand producers in Iran. We also can sell your products in Iran through our chain of stores and handicraft shows.

Persian Handcrafts

International Handcrafts

1- Surf them on 1- Introduce your products
2- Consult with 2- We market your products
3- Order & buy from 3- You Sell in our region

To have our experienced consultants' point of view regarding handicraft, handmade goods and furniture market in Iran and Middle East, please contact us via email: marketing at imx . ir

To introduce your products, crafts etc please do not hesitate to send us emails, brochures and catalogs, see our contact ways

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